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NFC: Fw: Fw: Macrhybopsis

My colleague, Dave Herzog, has kept both sicklefin and sturgeon chubs in
aquarium.  Actually, Dave kept several species of Macrhybopsis together
in a
single aquarium.  Dave says that speckled and silver chubs are more
aggressive than sicklefin and sturgeon chubs.  Speckled and siver chubs
readily ingested flake food and tubifex worms nearly to the exclusion of
sturgeon and sicklefin chubs.  Dave suggested keeping sicklefin and
chubs separate from other large river species and using lots of aeration.
When kept by themselves, sicklefin and sturgeon chubs ate well.  Dave
frozen or fresh brine shrimp would be a better  food choice for what he
calls a "meticulous" feeding habit.  I'm not sure what that means.

Dave suggests that one would increase chance of survival to collect
sicklefin and sturgeon chubs in late winter or early spring.  Individuals
that have survived the winter seem more robust than those collected in
summer.  Summer water and air temperatures seem especially hard on these
species during transport.

Incidently, Dave Ostendorf is keeping crystal darters in his aquarium and
notes that despite their size, crystal darters are timid and seem to be
outcompeted by conspecifics from the Black River, Missouri.  While gilt
darters, river darters, and stargazing darters appear robust and very
active, crystal darters appear undernourished and very nervous in his
aquarium with these species.  We have observed the "buring" habit of
darters (in which Pflieger (1997) noted there was only circumstantial
evidence that crystal darters do this).

FYI.  I just had an article on seining published in the Missouri
Conservationist.  Are you interested in seeing a copy for the NANFA

Have a good day!


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>>> Christopher Scharpf <ichthos at charm_net> 01/25/02 02:58PM >>>

Have you or Dave Ostendorf (I lost his email addy) ever kept sicklefin or
sturgeon chub in aquaria? If so, what can you report?


Chris Scharpf