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Re: NFC: NANFA etc

To Mr. Rice, 

I do not question your passion, sir. Native fish should have an army of men 

like you. What I do question is the ultimate success of your operation. When 

I give money to a cause, whether its NFC or the Republican National 

Commitee, I need to see evidence and be reassured that my money's making a 

difference. Sorry, but I cannot afford to help bankroll speculative startup 

ventures like yours. even those that are just $10. 

> The NFC is a 501 c 3 Non profit organization. That is why we are in a position 

> to receive Corporate grants and the Like. 

So is NANFA so I don't see that as a difference. The difference I see is 

that they are doing something with their money. A quick browse through heir 

website shows that they have given the following grants away: 

* $1000 to study an endangered Mexican catfish that lives in caves 

see http://www.nanfa.org/conservation/researchgrants.htm 

* $400 to build a sign along a river in Ohio that tells people what kind of 

fish are in it 

see http://www.nanfa.org/education/carillio/sign.htm 

* $705 to a school in Tuscon for an underwater camera to study fish behavior 

see http://www.nanfa.org/education/paloverde/paloverde.htm 

* $684 to a museum to get more teens involved in fish conservation 

see http://www.nanfa.org/education/NCMLS/ncmls.pdf 

Not bad for a "aquarium club"! 

> NFC has since its inception worked with other groups like The Nature 

> Conservancy on specific projects. Thats what any extra $$ we have goes 

> towards. 

How is this working? On May 1 you wrote to this list: "As a final note only 

a two hundred dollars has been donated to the conasaga river matching funds 

project, our first partnership, our first foray , our first "bigger " 

conservation project. It is a legitimate project in need of support. So far 

we have let it down. Do we want our legacy to be that we could not even 

match the $1500 in matching funds on an NFC grant ? I hope not, but that is 

where we stand 3 months into the fundraising efforts." 

> We have supported breeding programs. Like Ray Katulas Crystal Darter Research, 

And have you received anything from this investment of member's dues? On May 

9 you reported to this list: "Never even a word on the crystal darter 

project ($400 NFC Bucks)" 

> NANFA does a better Job of serving the needs of its members. The NFC does a 

> better Job of serving the needs of local activists. Some NFC members, many 

> not. That leads us to getting burned once in a while but its all part of the 

> program. 

Sounds like you're getting burned a lot. As you said in that email, "We as 

an organization have been taken in by those who promise to be on the NFC 

team when in fact the only team they are on is their own." Sorry, but I 

cannot support a group that is failing so consistently with its mission, or 

that attracts such deadbeat members. I realize that the fault is not yours, 

but still, if the members don't rise to the occasion why should I open my 


> So if you like Native Fishes , pick one organization, pick both but get 

> involved. It makes the difference. See it's not about one or the other it is 

> about the Fish simple as that. 

No argument there, sir.


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