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Re: NFC: New Fishes Available

Wally said:

> I am a part of the NFC because I found it to be a fair group that cared
> about native fish, unlike the "other national group" that cares way to
> much about politics and favoritism.

Wally, would you elaborate on this? Its interesting to know your opinion
because I'm considering joining NANFA and want to know more about it before
I cough up my 20 bucks! What experience have you had with them? I looked at
their website and scanned their email archives and everything suggests
they've got their act together. A good magazine, very professional, a copy
of which you can download from their site. Annual conventions which seem to
be very popular. And their giving money to schools for education and
conservation purposes. Their more conservation focused than NFC which maybe
is not a reason to join since I am primarily interested in hobby aspects of
natives and NFC is more of an aquarium club.

Randy in Philly

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