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Re: NFC: New Fishes Available

Well, actually I don't really want to trash NANFA as they are fellow
soldiers in the cause, but I feel that they are more or less an aquarium
club rather than a conservation group. I find it interesting that you feel
differently though? To me the real difference seems to be the desire for the
NFC to be active at a local level, not just a national one. I am an avid
outdoorsman and I enjoy fishing and hunting. The main reason I am part of
the NFC is that unlike a lot of  other groups that focus on wild animals and
the environment the NFC does not seem to have a hands off policy. I am under
the belief that rivers, streams, lakes and other bodies of water are a
resource to be managed and enjoyed for years to come. I am a conservationist
not an environmentalist.

I had the great privilege of watching/helping my 4 year old land his first
bass this past summer, and I am looking forward to being there when his son
lands his first. I am part of the NFC because we all want to see that become
a reality. I am evolved at the local level to protect "French Creek" here in
NW PA. We have a wonderful organization here that wants to protect the
creek, but nobody seems to know much about the life that lives in it. I am
proud to represent the NFC and the fish, herps, birds, and inverts that call
it home. The real future of the NFC as I see it is for all of the members to
get involved in something locally no matter how small. I am already planning
to take many people from the various Aquarium Clubs around here on a
collecting trip in the spring. Most (if not all of them) have never been
collecting before, and know nothing about native fauna. It saddens me that
there are a lot of people in the aquarium clubs I belong to that can tell
you the species names of 50 African Cichlids, or 50 Amazonian species but
have NO IDEA about the fish that live in their backyards. It is my goal to
change that.

This will come as no surprise since I already told you I am a hunter but I
also belong to the NRA. The NRA did an ad campaign a while back in which
local people talked about what they NRA was to them. That ads all finished
up with the slogan "thats my NRA". I would love it if we could all say "I
cleaned up this stretch of creek.....thats my NFC". or "I breed this native
fish......thats my NFC" or "I taught a bunch of kids about fish.....thats my

Maybe we could make bumper stickers that say

"Robert Rice is my president"?


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> Wally said:
> &gt; I am a part of the NFC because I found it to be a fair group that
> &gt; about native fish, unlike the "other national group" that cares way
> &gt; much about politics and favoritism.
> Wally, would you elaborate on this? Its interesting to know your opinion
> because I'm considering joining NANFA and want to know more about it
> I cough up my 20 bucks! What experience have you had with them? I looked
> their website and scanned their email archives and everything suggests
> they've got their act together. A good magazine, very professional, a copy
> of which you can download from their site. Annual conventions which seem
> be very popular. And their giving money to schools for education and
> conservation purposes. Their more conservation focused than NFC which
> is not a reason to join since I am primarily interested in hobby aspects
> natives and NFC is more of an aquarium club.
> Randy in Philly
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