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Re: NFC: Cherokee Darter

--- Bob Woth <bwoth at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> I was hoping to get some type of response about
> these fish. I have received
> none.
> Does anyone have any information other than what I
> have gotten from the Ga.
> DNR.
> I also, tried an Aquatic Zoologist with the State of
> Ga. but , I haven't heard
> from
> him either.
The cherokee darter is a federally threatened fish.
Bob, you should look in the book Fishes of Alabama and
the Mobile Basin by Maurice Mettee and others. You
will find a color photo. The book says the darter "is
endemic to upland portions of the middle Etowah River
in Georgia upstream of Lake Allatoona." Its life
history is similar to that of the coosa darter.
Because it is Threatened you should not collect it!

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama 

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