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Re: NFC: Cherokee Darter

I was hoping to get some type of response about these fish. I have received
Does anyone have any information other than what I have gotten from the Ga.
I also, tried an Aquatic Zoologist with the State of Ga. but , I haven't heard
him either.

Bob Woth wrote:

> The name of the Cherokee darter is Etheostoma scotti and the Etowah darter
> is
> Eteostoma etowahae.
> Bob Woth wrote:
> > I'm looking for a color picture or drawing of the Cherokee darter. It is
> > found in N. Ga.
> > in the Etowah river watershed area in Cherokee Co.. There is also, a
> > Etowah darter
> > as well. Any help would be appreciated.
> > Thanks,
> > Bob Woth
> > New member

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