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NFC: Non native posts?

                                   I thought a question about and algae and plants in a native fish tank was on the subject of native fish. The aqua scape of an aquarium is just as big a part as the fish are, just take a look at nature. My question was to help me keep these little guys in my tank alive and healthy and just talking about fish alone would be impossible with out bringing up their environment, whether it be natural or artificial.
                                  This post was not meant for the purpose of starting an argument over whether what I just said is right or wrong, but to say, the world of fish keeping is simple but, only when information can be disseminated among people like us, to keep it simple. I'm new at this, so my questions may even seem small or have obvious answers, but I haven't been down some of the roads of keeping native fish yet. I also realize that learning from experience is the best teacher, but hearing from those that have been there and also getting different view points helps and reinforces a new comers journey.

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