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NFC: heater cable

--- JCapelle <JCapelle at tampabay_rr.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>     ~(:>))
> I am setting up an old tank to move overgrowth of
> plants (some Native, or
> collected from local ponds, may or may not be real
To heat my tanks a few degrees warmer in the winter I
have tried to use the following technique.  Some of
the fish I have from florida and mexico dont like it
around 50 for long times.  I bought the plastic wraps
you put around water pipes in the winter to keep them
from freezing and I bypassed the thermostat, so the
heater cable is always on ... I built a small base
beneath the aqurium 1x3 and I wrapped the plastic
cable around copper pipe which I suspended in the
framework.  It works great in my application.  the
temperature rise isnt that great but it does cause
heat to rise through the gravel.


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