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Re: NFC: fish euthanasia

Man, did I get things started about how to kill a fish humanely. At least
it's  good discussion.
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> > Ok, well,  This is what I've read in books to do.  I personally stick
> > in the freezer.  Can't stand to slam a fish against the wall.  I also
> meant
> > to put it back into the stream where he got it!  No need to be so nasty
> > about it...
> No offense intended, Chris.  Still, it is not a good idea to replace the
> fish even into the stream from which it came.  There is a realistic danger
> of introducing foreign pathogens into that watershed.  Professional
> fisheries biologists have lots of equipment and money, and rigorous
> procedures, to insure their fishes are disease free.  The rest of us
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