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NFC: Why not release captive fishes

The disease thing has already been mentioned.  Keep in mind that
established aquaria may contain many and unknown microorganisms that will
attack stressed fishes at vulnerable times.  Ich out breaks are common when
adding new fishes that are stressed from capture to an established tank.
If you have had fishes from pet shops in the past, there is no telling what
exotic microorganisms may have hitched along to your tank.  The only way to
eliminate everything is to bleach the tank, gravel and accessories and
start from scratch.

Also, killing a few fishes may not feel good, but in the scheme of things,
not releasing them is much less detructive to wild populations that
releasing them with the potential that they may transmit disease or
contaminate native gene pools.  One or two little fishes lost out of the
100's or 1000's that are in a healthy population is worth it to avoid
greater risks to the rest of the wild fishes.

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