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Hey Bill.

Barring anything like pesticide, rain flood, or anything of the sort, it
seems like a fine idea to me. . . .  All you've done is make a mini-pond.
Just beware the Arkansas sun... Unlike a pond, which can be shaded and is
only hit at the top, you've got a glass tank that can be hit from all sides
by the sun, and -- worse yet -- you might just wind up with the infamous
magnifying glass effect.

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>        I think I've solved my live food needs . At
> least 90% of it . I still add some worms to the mix .
> What I did was to move my 55 g to the outside of my
> back living room window on the deck and added a small
> electric light .  Every night is a feeding frenzy .
> The madtoms are not a bit light shy then .They hit a
> good size moth like a great white . All my Sugar Loaf
> Creek fish are in that tank . Its a real pleasure to
> watch thru the window while the Darters nail the
> mosquitos . An hour and a half of light gives them all
> they can handle . Less time than that most nights . In
> the morning I run a net across the top of the tank to
> remove excess beetles and moth wings , take out 2
> buckets of water , pore the buckets into my tomato and
> pepper potted plants on the deck and then top the tank
> with fresh water . Everybod is happy but I have the
> feeling someone will tell me I have disaster in the
> making . Any dire experiences with such a thing ?
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