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Re: NFC: Time for an Auction....

OK, I have some stuff too...I am going to put some non native fishes and 
some live foods, I hope this goes to the right place!

Box 1 - 1 Trio Siamese Flying Fox
Bid Starts At $7.00
Shipping (Paid By BUYER) Will Be $7.00 via Priority or $25.00 via Express 
(Can only guarantee trops. via Express {Sorry!})

Box 2 - Live Food Package (4 Cultures, E-mail for details)
Bid Starts At $17.00
Buyer Pays ALL Shipping Charges

Box 3 - Grindal Worms (Next Up, Size Wise, From MICROWORMS)
Bid Starts At $3.00
Shipping via Priority For $4.00

Box 4 - Microworms (Smallest I Have To Offer)
Bid Starts At $1.00
Shipping Via Priority For $4.00 Or Reg Mail For $1.50

Box 5 - Whiteworms (Largest WORM I have To Offer)
Bid Starts at $3.50
Shipping Via Priority For $4.00

Bid Starts At $2.00
Shipping Via Priority For $4.00

Box 7 - Greenwater Starter
Bid Starts At $1.50
Shipped Via Priority For $4, Via Reg Mail For $2.00

Box 8 - Springtail Culture (Great For Hatchets And Other Surface Dwellers)
Bid Starts At $4.00
Shipped Via Priority For $4.00

All 50/60 Split (60 to Me)

I will most likely add more fish/food soon.  Let me know if I need to add 
anything, or need to send this to a different address!  Last, when does the 
auction begin?  Chris

Chris Perry, Partiner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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>Paul If your Out there Id like to Do an Auction...here are some items to
>get it started ..Or dare I say we use aquabid !!!
>100% to the NFC Price Includes delievery...
>1 2lb worm pack includes delivery retail $28.95
>1 Hardcover Book brand new Inland Fisheries ecology and managment retail
>$129 isbn# 92-5-104545-3
>70/30 Split 70 being the seller items....
>Feel free to add/donate items....
>Robert Rice
>NFC president

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