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NFC: Heterandria formosa

Just wanted to pass on an observation, If you are keeping Heterandria formosa AKA "Least Killiefish" try feeding them microworms. About a week or so ago I put some microworms in with mine and they ate them up. Since them, I have been feeding microworms in the morning and their normal powdered flake at night. They are showing colors that they have never shown me before. Its quite amazing. The females seem to be having more babies as well, but that is hard to tell since they seem to have a bunch for about a week or so then slowdown for a while. I don't know why I am all that surprised since I have seen other species do much better with live food in the past. But then again I am the guy who gets his Rainbow and Greenside Darters to eat flake foods, and sinking catfish pellets.