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Re: NFC: Re: California fish

>You might want to check your local & state 
>laws first. If I'm not mistaken, you have 
>some of the most totalitarian laws with 
>regards to catching/keeping native fish in 

Hmmm...you may be right :^(  I seem to remember that's the reason why I
started my native marine tank---fewer regulations on ocean fishing.

I looked up the regs again, and I found this:
4.05. Bait Fish Capture Methods. 
(a) Approved bait fish may be taken only by hand, with a dip net, or
with traps not over three feet in greatest dimension. Such bait fish may
not be purchased, bartered, sold, transferred or traded; or transported
alive from the location where taken.

1.63. Movement of Live Fish. Except as provided in sections 4.00 through
4.30 and 230, live fin fish taken under the authority of a sport fishing
license may not be transported alive from the water where taken.

So I don't really get it; where do all the bait fish the bait stores
sell come from?  They're alive.  Maybe I should just go to a bait store
and buy fish?

Republic of California