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NFC: Fw: River Policy Update, Week of August 6

American Rivers' Policy Update
Week of August 6, 2001


* Energy policy
* Appropriations
* Take action
* Special river trip deal
* Jobs

The Senate is in recess until September 4th and the House until 
September 6th.  Before recess, the House and Senate cleared several 


Energy legislation

Last week the House Republican consolidated energy package, H.R. 4, 
was approved with provisions to open the Arctic National Wildlife 
Refuge to oil and gas leasing.  The energy bill was approved by a 240-
189 vote.  An effort to strip the ANWR provision from the bill was 
rejected by a 223-206 vote, with 36 Democrats joining a large 
majority of Republicans in rejecting the amendment.  An amendment to 
increase the required fuel efficiency for sport utility vehicles and 
light trucks to 27.5 miles per gallon was also soundly rejected by a 
vote of 269-160.  As passed by the House, the energy bill would 
require new SUVs to reduce gasoline consumption by five billion 
gallons over six years, which amounts to a very modest estimated 
increase in fuel efficiency of less than one mile per gallon.  The 
bill does not call for raising fuel efficiency in non-SUVs.  The bill 
also calls for studies on granting oil and gas companies more access 
to public lands; funding for conservation and alternative energy 
research; and tax breaks and other incentives for increasing oil and 
gas exploration, developing new coal-burning technologies, promoting 
nuclear energy, and encouraging conservation and efficiency.  

In addition, the energy bill contains provisions affecting 
hydropower.  River advocates are concerned that efficiency language 
for Bureau of Reclamation hydropower facilities fails to provide for 
adequate environmental review and would allow implementation of 
modified operations that might harm river resources.  The bill also 
addresses the non-federal hydropower relicensing process.  It would 
require federal resource agencies to consider less expensive 
alternatives when developing conservation measures for private dams.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee began its markup of 
energy legislation last week.  Following recess the committee will 
resume its markup and is expected to address controversial energy 
issues like ANWR exploration.  Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle 
called ANWR exploration "dead on arrival." 


Agriculture emergency assistance

Last week, the Senate passed the House version of an emergency 
agriculture assistance bill for FY'01.  HR 2213, which awaits the 
president's signature, would authorize using a $5.5 billion emergency 
reserve fund set aside in the FY'01 budget resolution to provide 
supplemental income assistance to farmers facing financial 
difficulties.  Senate attempts to include funding in the emergency 
assistance bill for FY'02 agricultural conservation programs failed.

Status of FY 2002 Appropriations Bills

Bills (Status)
Agriculture (House)        
Commerce-Justice-State (House)                 
District of Columbia                        
Energy, water development (House/Senate)
Foreign operations (House)                
Interior (House/Senate)                
Legislative branch (House/Senate)        
Military construction                        
Transportation (House/Senate)        
Treasury-Postal Service (House)                
VA-HUD (House/Senate)        

* Final includes conference committee passage and president's 



In recess until September 4th


In recess until September 6th 


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Times, the Washington Post, and members of the American Rivers 
conservation staff. 

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