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NFC: Eagle Parts was RE: Auctions OT ?

Okay--I've had to enforce this law before and that is NOT how it works.  NO 
ONE in the US can possess any part (whether feather, talon, or whathaveyou) 
or nest of any migratory bird (including neotropical migrants such as robins 
& bluebirds).  In addition to this law, the Bald and Golden Eagle Act and 
(up until this year) the Endangered Species Act (bald eagle only) also 
protect these birds.  Those are the laws which prevent ANYONE--whether 
native american, ignorant 7 year old, or trigger happy redneck--from 
possessing or harming these birds.  IF you think about it for a minute the 
reason they had to ban possession rather than just killing is pretty 
obvious--very difficult to have witnesses everywhere to see someone poison 
or shoot an eagle.  Everyone could simply claim that they found the body or 
feathers or whatever.

HOWEVER, anyone who has a valid use for eagle feathers or parts--whether 
that use is religious or educational--may fill out an application, submit it 
to the Fish & Wildlife Service, and get put on the waiting list.  When your 
name comes up, your bird or bird parts will be shipped to you.  Anyone 
finding any raptor body or parts (electrocution is the number one cause of 
death for these birds)is supposed to get the birds to the National Eagle and 
Wildlife Repository which is located just north of Denver, CO (and 
incidentally at the same complex where I work)--you can either mail them or 
turn them over to your state agency which will do it for you.

If you have a VALID use for a part, it is purely first-come, first-serve.  
Even though I eat lunch with the repository staff & work for the FWS, I have 
exactly the same wait time as everyone else when I need a part for my 
education programs.  Right now, it is about 2 years if you want a whole 
adult bird--juvenile birds are less, and parts & feathers are considerably 

Take the time to find out what the laws really are before you start spouting 
off next time.


>From: piney01 at webtv_net (Francis Wagner)
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>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 18:21:32 -0400 (EDT)
>yes i agree with that. i heard on the news yesterday that if a whiteman
>like us pick up a feather from a bald  eagle and keeps it and takes it
>home and if the police or  the government knows you have one they will
>give you a heavy fine and you could go to jail. the only people that can
>keep them are the redskins the the united states. that makes me sick.
>why is that      us white folks are always being picked on. we should
>turn the table around for a change.     frank

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