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NFC: Re: Virus Warning

What the virus does is pick a file at random from your "My Documents" folder
and emails that file along with a copy of the virus to everyone on your
address book. Since it picks any file at random it may send out something
that you might not want others to see. The file name will be real and end in
.doc, .xls or any other real file name but will then have another "." and
then 3 more letters. If you get something like this just delete it.

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From: Joshua L Wiegert <jlw at pi_dune.net>
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Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 3:13 PM
Subject: NFC: Virus Warning

> Welp, NFC got the first one today, fortunately as a non-member submission,
> so it didn't make it thru the list.  As many people know, there is a
> serious virus running about, under the name of "ProCam" or something like
> that.  You'll get an e-mail with the words, "I send you this file to get
> your advice" or some variation (apparently, its coming across in multiple
> languages, too!) I, personally, have no clue what the virus does. . . . :)
> HOwever, it does send itself out to other people in your mailbox.  It may
> or may not change your e-mail address, and you will unwittingly send the
> message out every so often.  IF you get a copy of this e-mail, do Not open
> the attachments.  Delete teh e-mail.   Send a new message (not a response)
> to the sender, if the send hasn't been changed, and inform them.  If you
> are infected, just visit housecall.antivirus.com to get cleaned up.
> Emporer Josh.
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