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Re: NFC: ID of Some Fish

I went to your site and liked the pics. I also read that you are wanting to
add soil to your substrate. I do this and it works great. A friend of mine
told me a great trick for that. Take old margarine bowls or Cool Whip bowls
and punch several small holes in the bottom so that water can get through
them. Then line the bowl with a paper towel. Then fill using bagged potting
soil. Don't get the kind with the white stryo balls in it or any type of
fertilizer get what's cheap at wal-mart. Place the plant in the soil and
then cover the top with gravel. Since the "pots" are shallow you can bury
them in the gravel and you won't be able to see them. Your plants  will grow
great and when you need to remove them for whatever reason all you need to
do is take out the pot and the soil won't get all over in the water.

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> On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, spituch wrote:
> > http://users.ev1.net/~spituch/Steve's%20Page/Aquarium/Texas%
> > 20Plants/July%2015,%202001/07015001exp.html
> >
> > These fish are slimmer, more torpedo like, and have broader and
> > rounder heads than the shiners.  I would appreciate if someone
> > could tell me  what kind of fish they are.  They like to stay on
> > the bottom of the tank.
> Charles Anderton and I caught fish which looked a lot like this. (I'll
> check when I get back home). This was in near Ft. Worth.
> IANAI (I Am Not An Ichtyologist) and I kinda thought that we collected
> blacktail shiners.
> >
> > Also check out the July 1 expedition page that shows the Red
> > Shiners.
> >
> Nice pics. It's difficult to get good pics of an aquarium. And, you may
> not want to crowd the Red Shiners so much. These fish need some room. They
> also like some flat rocks in the tank (they lay eggs in the crevices
> between flat rocks).
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