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NFC: Fw: ERT and AATP Near Houston


Robert Rice
Native Fish Conservancy President
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From: "Alex Brown" <alex at craftsmandesignstudios_com>
To: <President at nativefish_org>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:14:19 -0700
Subject: ERT and AATP
I'm an aquarium hobbiest and have always liked native fishes in native habitat styled aquariums. I was pointed toward your website through a newsgroup and now I'm even more encouraged to do something for the environment and have some fun in the process. I'm about to move to Waller, TX and had the thought of starting a native fish aquarium at the local library. I'd like some more info. on the AATP regarding this scenario.
Also, I'm interested in the ERT program. Is there a problem with Exotics in Texas that you know of? I've been fishing for years and have never caught an Oscar or anything else that wasn't native. But if there are some, and you can tell me where and how to catch them, I'd love to join the program. Incidentally, as someone who has raised a few Oscars from small to 4lb fish, I think it's hilarious that you guys have recipes for them! I have had people ask me if they could eat them because of their size but I never even considered trying. That's great.
Thank you for your help.
Alex Brown
Waller, TX(near Houston)