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Re: NFC: Zebra Mussels

good info, thanks. i know you could see where i was trying to go with this.
so no living bio-filter with a cage full of zm. too bad. an interesting
concept though. i'm sure someone has done some experiments with this idea.
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> I' did a bit of work on Zebra Mussels a few years ago...  My memory, as
> usual, is a little rusty, but here goes.  They can't be confined.  The
> cycle is similar to that of many other critters.  The mussels basically
> mass orgies, where sperm and egg are released.  These combine, and form
> something called an "alvin."  This is not to be comfused with a Simon or a
> Theodore.  The alvins are basically microscopic bits of zooplankton.  They
> swim around for a little bit, before finding a place to anchor.  They
> grow into a mussel.  The mussel grows and grows and grows, filtering out
> organic matter as a food source.  This is typically phtyo and zooplankton.
> As has been mentioned a few times, yes, they will remove pollutants, but
> will also remove much of the micro-foods located in the water.
> Unfortunately, they cannot be confined and used in a filtrations system.
> the alvins may be produced at any time, and are terribly difficult to
> out, the effluent is very likely to contain the larvae.