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Re: NFC: blue pike stuff, also ZMs

i'm not a biologist so it took me a few minutes to understand what you're
talking about but i see it. someone is advertising a filtration system that
keeps them out of factory drains. are they strictly fresh water or do they
do salt too??
-=tabb in tennessee
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> --- flatwood <flatwood at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> > that sounds reasonable. i'm pretty sure they got
> > into tennessee waterways
> > via the mississippi. they must be strong movers if
> > they can move against
> > that current. do they attach themselves to the hulls
> > of boats and ships??
> > -=tabb in tennessee
> It is the planktonic freeswimming form that is spread.
> Ship ballast is an excellent way to carry these
> plankton from one place to another.
> Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
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