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Re: NFC: western mosquito fish?

--- Kristine Weisbrod Massin <kwmprairie at hotmail_com>
> Does anyone know if the western mosquito fish that
> keeps popping up in my 
> searches as being native to Colorado is the same
> much-reviled gambusia 
> mosquito fish that has been introduced everywhere to
> control mosquitos (yes, 
> robert, I know it doesn't do such a hot job :) )
> thanks,
> kris
Yes, there are two species of Gambusia in the U.S.,
Gambusia affinis in the west and G. holbrooki in the
east. There are also many species intergrades. There
is no real difference between the two in general
habitat and biology. If you must know, much of the
difference between the two species is in the male's
gonopodium. A good dissecting scope will enable you to
spot the difference in ridging structures.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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