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NFC: Virus Warning

Hey everyone.

Its come to my attention that my computer is infected iwth a virus.
Weeeeeeeeeee!  It is sending out e-mails with falsified e-mail addresses
with YOUR domain name (I.e., if you're Bob at e-mail_com, it'll make up
something like Xena at e-mail_com).  Its including a randomly named .exe, and
various messages enticing you to open it.  Some of these are along the lines
of, "Cute little program!" or "Its really funny"  Most are ... well, a
little less nice. :p  Unfortunately, none of the three virus scanning
programs I have on my computer are detecting it(!!!!)   Don't open any
attachments you get, especially not from me.  I'll also NOT be receiving
e-mail for the next few days until I rid my computer of it, as it seems to
be responding to each e-mail I download.

Don't ask how I managed to get this computer infected....  I'm sure, years
from now, it'll be somewhat funny, but .. right now its certainly not. :p

Joshua L. Wiegert
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