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NFC: Re: warpaint shiners?

Hey Kidt

In general, native fish should not be mixed with tropicals.
Any aquarium store worth its NaCl will tell you that goldfish should not be
mixed with tropicals.  They'll go on to tell you about the fact that
goldfish are dirty, but, if they're really good, they'll tell you the real
reason.  Goldfish need cool-water, tropicals need warm water.  Goldfish need
lots and lots of dissolved O2, and, although tropicals don't mind it, the
higher temperature water holds less O2.  You can't mix fish with different
water needs -- Neon Tetras and Rift Lake Cichlids don't mix.  This is true
even if the needs are current, temperature, etc.  Kuhlies and Darters are a
bad mix.  Natives and tropicals, even natives and goldfish, are a bad mix.
You really need to pick one or the other and stick to them.  If you want
natives and tropicals, buy more than one fish tank, and dedicate it to them.
Now, thats not to say that some natives don't mix well with some
tropicals -- I've put Rainbows in with my darters before, adding some colour
to the upper layers.  Daces would have been a better choice, but..
sometimes, you take what's available.
Your interests seem to be mostly aquariums in general and especially
tropicals.  Maybe you'd be happier looking into some of the great resources
for tropicals, rather than this list?  Check out FINS, www.actwin.com/fish,
and the krib, www.thekrib.com, both of which have a lot of information on
tropicals.  This is not a fish-keepers list, this is most certainly not a
tropical fish question and answer list.  If you have problems with a trank
full of natives, thats fine.  If you have A problem (i.e., just one problem)
with a tank, in general, and don't know where else to turn, you can send out
here and no one will get too upset.  But, constant problems with tropical
fish and the like have no part on this list.  A lot of list members don't
even have a fish tank, and have little or no interest in the latest bought
of ich.
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> any one know anything about warpaint shiners?
> i am considering them for my rainbowfish tank, but i am worried about temp
> problems as they seem to be a mountain stream species.
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