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NFC: Re: nfc, nanfa?

This is really opening a can of worms.  This conversation creeps up every so
often, and usually winds up with some one very attached to NANFA getting
offended, tehm or someone else flaming, and lots and lots of angry people. .
. .
But, here's the scoop:

NANFA is a much larger organisation.  They seem to be more of an aquarium
group than the NFC, with very little (until recently) conservation goals.
Their magazine is full of aquarium-type articles.  They have typically done
very little on the way of conservation.  Many people view them as very
political.  A lot of people have stronger opinions for and against them.

The NFC has a cooler name.  We're a smaller group, with a very small core
group of volunteers.  We do a LOT of conservation work, from the ERP, to
working with The Nature COnservancy, etc. etc.  The small core group,
unfortunately, gets busy from time to time, and yes, as such, things
sometimes wind up coming out late, etc.  THe politics of the group are kept
to a minimum.  Rather than seemingly-constant elections of officers, whos
only goal it is to get re-elected, our officers are elected for longer

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> what is the difference between the Nfc and the Nanfa mailing lists?
> what is the difference betweent the parent groups?
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