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NFC: crayfish in Adopt-A-Tank

The crayfish in one of my Adopt-A-Tank's died.  The library staff, being the 
kind, sensitive folks they are, are concerned it was due to insufficient care 
or diet.  Comments on the set up appreciated.

- 10 gallon aquarium, natural ambient lighting only, undergravel filter.  A 
few duckweed on surface.  

- Diet was canned crab, canned tuna, frozen peas and a couple times a week I 
threw in some live daphnia and moina.  A couple times I threw in small pieces 
of dried cat food.  Also had just put in some dark green lettuce.  For some 
reason, it did not seem to be particularly interested in the dried shrimp the 
NFC Breeders Club so kindly donated.  I think I will also supplement its diet 
with an occasional earthworm in the future.  Would a little dried fish food 
be of any benefit?  The staff seems focused on insufficient diet as the 

-  It had just shed its skin a couple of weeks prior and behavior seemed 
normal until about 48 hours before it died.  Then it became inactive and sat 
on top of its tail.  

- Since there was only one, I did not provide hiding places but that did not 
seem to bother it.  When I catch another, I will arrange hiding places this 
time.  The theory being if it gets nervous and can hide as it does in nature. 
 If it feels comfortable, it will come out.  

It was pretty large as Indiana crayfish go and I am guessing therefore pretty 

Any help appreciated.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA