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NFC: Re: crayfish in Adopt-A-Tank

Hey Chuck.

I'm not realy sure hwat to tell you -- the diet, though, seems a little
lacking.  There's no substantial vegetable matter in there. . .  There are
frozen peas, which does have some nutrition, and lettuce, which -- as any
reptile keeper will tell you -- has almost no nutrition.  Next time, try
adding in some anacharis, etc. and see how that helps.  Maybe, also it was
an issue of water quality, especially two days after a molt.  Remember that
most crawdads really don't care about water quality, until they molt. :)


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> The crayfish in one of my Adopt-A-Tank's died.  The library staff, being
> kind, sensitive folks they are, are concerned it was due to insufficient
> or diet.  Comments on the set up appreciated.
> - 10 gallon aquarium, natural ambient lighting only, undergravel filter.
> few duckweed on surface.
> - Diet was canned crab, canned tuna, frozen peas and a couple times a week
> threw in some live daphnia and moina.  A couple times I threw in small
> of dried cat food.  Also had just put in some dark green lettuce.  For
> reason, it did not seem to be particularly interested in the dried shrimp
> NFC Breeders Club so kindly donated.  I think I will also supplement its
> with an occasional earthworm in the future.  Would a little dried fish
> be of any benefit?  The staff seems focused on insufficient diet as the
> cause.
> -  It had just shed its skin a couple of weeks prior and behavior seemed
> normal until about 48 hours before it died.  Then it became inactive and
> on top of its tail.
> - Since there was only one, I did not provide hiding places but that did
> seem to bother it.  When I catch another, I will arrange hiding places
> time.  The theory being if it gets nervous and can hide as it does in
>  If it feels comfortable, it will come out.
> It was pretty large as Indiana crayfish go and I am guessing therefore
> old.
> Any help appreciated.
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA