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Re: Re: NFC: feeding / silversides V2 #606

>Native Fish Conservancy Digest Thursday, June 21 2001 Volume 02 : Number 
>Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 05:07:55 EDT
>From: Nativefishnut at aol_com
>Subject: Re: NFC: feeding / silversides
>AFAIK, silversides are VERY difficult to keep,

so i guess tha don't travel well either?  i havent heard of any source of 
them in GA so I guess i am out of luck.  If I ever do come across any I'll 
give them a try though.

>as they are VERY nervous and high-strung, along with having a >definite 
>tendency to jump out of the tank. I have successfully kept ?and bred some 
>tropical halfbeaks, but it required several things:

Are they related to halfbeaks, or just like them in difficulty?
i have read that halfbeaks are ususally kept in opaque tanks...

>1. A secure tank cover.

Got it.  one section is DYI drop in window screaning, heavy duty "pet 
resistant (dog) vinyl coated polyester mosquito screeing.  the other plexy 
glass with just enough hole for the filer.
>2. Lots of plants for cover, but not so much that it eliminated open water 
>space on the surface.

got it.  tank is set up for rainbowfish and is as overplanted as i can keep 
it.  right now 60 % plastic but the live plants will increase in proportion 
as my lighting situation inproves and i aquire more plants.
>3. The presence of other fish that showed them that the floating food was 
>good to eat.

rainbowfish, red shiners, redbelly dace, fat head minnows.
>4. Locating the tank in an area without much, if any, people traffic.
the tank is a walkaround right on the stair well.  but there isnt much 
traffic since the other kids moved out.

>Live foods should be considered mandatory, such as daphnia, grindal worms, 
>flightless fruit flies, etc.

right now I keep a white worm culture, but it isn;t very productive.
i also keep a red wiggler culture (earth worms) but they are a bit big.  i 
toss the occational on in and they play tug of war for a while until one of 
the rainbows decides to have spegettie.

>From: jake levi <jlevi_us at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Re: NFC: feeding / silversides
>Re the silversides, if you have anything the least bit
>aggressive with them you will most likely find them on
>the floor.

they don't float when dead?
do you think that my fish would be too agressive?  they all act like red 
shiners and are all about the same size.

A cover for sure, and I would want a LOT of
>plants, both planted and floating. They are spooks,
>and also somewhat susceptible to whatever comes along.

I have a bannana plant and a tropical water lilly that will be going in this 
tank soon.  right now my floaters are mostly hornwort.

>From: Fully Prepared <departmentus at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Re: NFC: feeding / silversides

>You will find that brook silversides require high
>oxygen water. Never net them out of water; this seems
>to damage their gill respiration, so you will have to
>scoop them out in water if you move them.
>Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

I will remember that if i ever find any.
I am just doing prepurchase research right now.  can you guys suggest any 
other canidates for my 55 rainbowfish/shiner tank?

any thoughts on redsided dace?

any thoughts on my feeding question?

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