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NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?

Hi, I will introduce myself later,

"business" first...

I am dealing with an ick outbreak in my 35 gal.

I have already lost several fish, including 1 of my fantail darters.

the darter wasn't exhibiting any signs of ick, so I think the salt got her.  
the male dosne't look too good right now either.  I was afraid to dose with 
anything but salt to treat the ich, because of the 3 khuile loaches in the 
tank.  I also increased the temp to 85F.

either the salt or the temp, isn't doing my darters anygood.  the flagfish, 
the blackskirts, the red eye, and the albino cory don;t seem to mind.

the main victims of the ich have been my rams and cherry barbs.  i got the 
rams for 1$ apeice from an unlabed tank (couldn;t resist).i have lost 3, 
leaving me with one.  I also have 1 surviving cherry barb as well (2 dead).  
I also lost a serpea.  interestingly, the ph of the tank i got the rams from 
at the store matched my tank water, 8.2(hard well)  i suspect this may be 
the cause of the outbreak.

so, how much salt can you get away with with darters?

i don;t want to repeat the same mistake when i get my rainbows or orange 
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