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Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?


Some lessons always seem to come the hard way. GET A 

Your corys I think are in more danger of the salt then
the darters. A number of darters come from quite
alkaline waters. The corys from neutral to quite acid
waters. Although most now sold in the aquarium trade
are bred in hard and alkaline waters here in the US
but still some in acid waters in the oritent. There
are any number of good ick medications on the market.
--- kidt cordry <kidtt at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Hi, I will introduce myself later,
> "business" first...
> I am dealing with an ick outbreak in my 35 gal.
> I have already lost several fish, including 1 of my
> fantail darters.
> the darter wasn't exhibiting any signs of ick, so I
> think the salt got her.  
> the male dosne't look too good right now either.  I
> was afraid to dose with 
> anything but salt to treat the ich, because of the 3
> khuile loaches in the 
> tank.  I also increased the temp to 85F.
> either the salt or the temp, isn't doing my darters
> anygood.  the flagfish, 
> the blackskirts, the red eye, and the albino cory
> don;t seem to mind.
> the main victims of the ich have been my rams and
> cherry barbs.  i got the 
> rams for 1$ apeice from an unlabed tank (couldn;t
> resist).i have lost 3, 
> leaving me with one.  I also have 1 surviving cherry
> barb as well (2 dead).  
> I also lost a serpea.  interestingly, the ph of the
> tank i got the rams from 
> at the store matched my tank water, 8.2(hard well) 
> i suspect this may be 
> the cause of the outbreak.
> so, how much salt can you get away with with
> darters?
> i don;t want to repeat the same mistake when i get
> my rainbows or orange 
> throats.
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