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NFC: Adopt-A-Tank

OK, sorry for the delay on this AAT thing, the school wanted the parents of
the kids to have an opportunity to object to having their child's pictures
on a website on the Internet. No one objected so I'm ready to send out the
pictures to the people who need them.  To refresh all your memories, these
are pics of the kids in my son Eoghan's classroom helping me test the water
and prepare the tank (complete with donated Marineland filter) for release
of the Speckled Dace. Also, I've got some great shots of the class on their
fieldtrip to the Bonneville Dam Hatchery, Fishladder and Sturgeon viewing
area. There are some good shots of "Herman" the Ten-foot-long White
Sturgeon, with the kids... Anyway, a couple of people wanted these, and I'm
now able to send them off- if I could just remember who it was that wanted
them!!! Please email me offlist and we'll get this going.


Northwest Killies
Brian Perkins, President
West Linn, OR
btpmsi at yahoo_com

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