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NFC: Fw: what is happening??? member for 3 mos. and curious!!!

help.............he seems to be on empty lists :)

Robert Rice
NFC President  www.nativefish.org
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Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 18:54:24 EDT
Subject: what is happening???   member for 3 mos.  and curious!!!
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Hey Guys!,

  Iwould like to hear from somebody,.....Anydody!!!   I've subscribed to all
of the 'pages' available (inc. auctions) and have yet to receive notification
of anything??!!
Pleas correct this or refund my $$$
Thank You
Michael McHugh
"Native lover with an attitude against ....Duh....should we actually respond
to this?"

Not a threat...just a constructive  nudge towads mopre mem.s!