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NFC: Fw: sheep's head

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From: David Cunningham <DCunning at shoreham_net>
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Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 22:40:46 -0400
Subject: sheep's head
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I'm helping with amphibian research in Ward Marsh which is next to the
Poultney River which feeds into Lake Champlain in the state of Vermont.
Two days ago I was walking along the edge of the marsh after collecting
data on amphibians when I saw a large dark mass near the shore.  When I
got closer I saw that it was a large group of fry that where swimming in
a protective mass.  There might have been a thousand of them or at least
hundreds.  I then notice that there was a large fish that was with
them.  Mother?  Father?  This fish was over 2 feet long and had a blunt
head with short whiskers which she pointed ahead of her.  There was a
large false eye on her tail and the pectoral fins where a wonderful neon
powder bluish color.  I don't notice much if any dorsal fin.  The young
swam around and under her for protection.  The mother didn't wish to
swim into deeper water, I would guess since there was more danger of
perdition in that location.  Might you know what this fish is?  I was
told that a local name for it was Sheep's Head.

David Cunningham