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Re: NFC: Continuing my weird wild life day

LMAO...now that's a great story.  Growing up on a lake in Michigan Canadian
Geese would constantly come up in our laws and make awful messes.  We
learned very young, not to mess with those things.  The 15 pound looking
mother goose in the water looks like a 150 pound ape when you try to mess
with its babies on land.  We heard all sorts of urban legends of people
having their arms broken and the like by Canadian Geese.  I'd have to half
believe it as mean as I've seen them.

Thanks for the laugh,

> As a young (and uh, dumb) adult, I thought it would be novel to capture a
wild Canadian Goose chick from along side the Yellowstone River.  Hmmm,
probably a federal crime in the making, if I don't miss my bet...As I
approached, the mother goose hissed & arched her neck, but I, being of the
great homo sapiens species, knew she would run from me as soon as I got
close enough. Because, as we all know, all critters have come to fear
mankind, right?  Wrong!!  That ol' mother goose beat the crap out of me with
her wings (I did get my hands on a gosling, however temporarily) and then
she and her babies proceeded to outrun me to the river. Once they reached
the river, the humiliation was complete as my first step was into some soft
muck/mud and my next was a faceplant into said muck/mud. All of a sudden, I
had absolutely no desire to catch one of those "cute" little butterballs.
Nope, none whatsoever!  And, standing over by our car, my worthless, beer
drinking buddies couldn't stop l!
> !
> aughing.  Somehow, at the time,
> it didn't seem so funny to me.
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho