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Re: NFC: breeding question

Kristine, I have a very old paper that describes the
reproductive behavior of 14(!) species of darters
including Etheostoma spectabile. The reference:

Winn, Howard E. 1958. Comparative reproductive
behavior and ecology of fourteen species of darters
(Pisces-Percidae). Ecological Monographs, Vol. 28:

In short, the author found that orangethroats spawn
very much like rainbows, i.e. in gravel in
fast-flowing riffles. In Kentucky and Tennessee they
were observed to spawn the first week of April.

If you send me your physical address I could mail a
photocopy to you.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

> has anyone ever bred orangethroat darters?  I'm
> becoming obsessed with the 
> little guys Luke sent me.  I'd really like to try
> breeding some of them but 
> don't know where to start (other than that stack of
> empty 10 gal tanks I 
> picked up for $1 apiece from a mouse breeder). 
> Anyone have any input?

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