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NFC: breeding question

back to fish...

has anyone ever bred orangethroat darters?  I'm becoming obsessed with the 
little guys Luke sent me.  I'd really like to try breeding some of them but 
don't know where to start (other than that stack of empty 10 gal tanks I 
picked up for $1 apiece from a mouse breeder).  Anyone have any input?

also would like to give it a go with some of those redbelly dace.

I have an inexhaustable supply of java moss & sword plant...I'm constantly 
pruning & tossing them.  (anyone want some?) they overtake my 40 gal every 
week it seems like.  Who on earth said plants were hard to grow? So if these 
guys like spawning mops, I've got 'em.  lots of gravel & sand too.

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