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Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

We seem to be speaking about slightly parallel but
different universes...
> "...Federal land, subject to administration through
> nationally mandated laws
> and policies..." has absolutely no legal basis in
> the US Constitution. I
> suggest you carefully read the above-mentioned
> Amendments to understand just
> how far outside the law those bureaucrats have
> gotten. The language is quite
> plain, and not at all hard to understand. Neither
> has been repealed.
> -- 
> Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679 

No, there are no specific Constitutional clauses for a
National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service or Bureau
of Land Management (among many). The original
Constitution was written before the Louisiana
Purchase, absorption of the Texas Republic and
generally rearranging the formal boundary with Mexico.
Is it a de facto socialist machination by which many
of these lands remained in Federal management? I
dunno... Much of it was simple strategic planning to
sequester resources as part of the Pax Americana, such
as the National Forests. The only entities who would
be interested in buying much of the Western arid lands
would be corporations like ADM mentioned above, who
are linked to Bob Dole, Bill Clinton or _any_ other
politicians, that's bizness. 

Wright, I'm sorry we disagree so profoundly both about
conserving what's left of the original North American
biota as well as wildly different views of the
Constitution (the latter of which could anesthetize
most of the list I'm sure). Most people most of the
time will do what they think is the right and good
thing. But what if they don't? You see federal agents
and agencies as loathsome blundering behemoths; I
generally see need for coordinating broader
conservation plans, sometimes with color of law if
necessary. Maybe I've slid into being a Federalist in
my middle age, so goes the world.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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