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Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

Fully Prepared wrote:
> > In parts of NV, the local ranchers are far ahead of
> > USF&WL in their interest
> > in preserving their local native fish. In some
> > others, you may get shot for
> > trying to inspect the habitat on public range land,
> > should the rancher even
> > see you out there. They have been Sierra Clubbed to
> > death, and are fed up.
> Yes, the Devil's Hole Pupfish benefitted from water
> being pumped from its aquifer and almost destroying
> its habitat in the 1970s, as I recall? Ranchers are
> usually concerned with keeping their land productive
> and not destroying it; but they also need water in NV,
> at almost any cost. Of course, so does Las Vegas,
> probably the _real_ threat there.
> > There was a near armed rebellion over a maliciously
> > misused Bull Trout
> > declaration, last year, finally forcing the
> > resignation of the Forest
> > Service moron at fault.
> Yes, it was an armed rebellion by people insisting
> roads be opened even though these roads were causing
> siltation in the Bull Trout stream and systematically
> killing them off through reproductive failure. It's
> Federal land, and in this case I would vote for road
> closure to protect the Bull Trout. So did Trout
> Unlimited, not notorious as a militant direct action
> group. Forest Service people who actually try to do a
> good job are often subject to lynch-mob level
> hysteria.
> The ugly truth is that much of the West is Federal
> land, subject to administration through nationally
> mandated laws and policies. Many local people don't
> like that beause they think it's "their" land. True,
> but just as much as it is that of someone from
> Michigan or Delaware. This saga will continue to be
> played out for some time, I'm sure.

Thanks for sharing the inaccurate and misleading leftist propaganda line so
folks have it, too. Robert Redford would love you for it.

FYI, the Devil's Hole pumping was by a huge corporate agribusiness, not
"local ranchers." You know, big Clintoon supporters, like ADM, et al.
Likewise, the Las Vegas water drain on the desert fishes is an agenda pushed
almost entirely by the local ultra-left-wing Redford-style Democrat machine.
[I'm neither demopublican nor republocrat -- just an equal opportunity
basher of both!]

The Bull Trout you mention weren't even slightly endangered. They just
happened to be one of the most southerly populations of a species that is
quite plentiful in colder waters on north into Canada, and the Forest
Service bent the rules ludicrously to use them as an excuse for implementing
the racist Sierra Club agenda of white, rich, backpackers only in any
national forest. It was even more feeble than the spotted owl thing, and for
much the same reason. The "siltation" was when a flood wiped out a short
part of a local road that had been used since the turn of the previous
century. The locals were just trying to relocate it farther from the stream
bed, to prevent any more of that. *NO* newspaper, AFAIK ever reported that.

Sierra Club, Ducks Unlimited, and Trout Unlimited have cooperated better in
NV than anywhere in history. Often, that's a really good thing. When used to
violate the 9th and 10th Amendment, and destroy local property, it can be
brutal, as in the Sierra Club's current racist agenda, enforced with Forest
Service guns.

"...Federal land, subject to administration through nationally mandated laws
and policies..." has absolutely no legal basis in the US Constitution. I
suggest you carefully read the above-mentioned Amendments to understand just
how far outside the law those bureaucrats have gotten. The language is quite
plain, and not at all hard to understand. Neither has been repealed.

Don't expect a balanced report in your local news, though.


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