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Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

Larry wrote:
> Wo, forgot to hit the <insert sarcasm> button.  I thought the comment about
> bodies burried in the White House lawn gave it away...everyone knows they're
> burried in a swamp in Arkansas :)
> The village idiot,
> Larry
> > OK, we've advanced the discussion to the kneejerk "I
> > hate Clinton" stage. This is always very important.
> > But more relevant to this list, is the current
> > administration a lot better for native fishes, and the
> > natural environment in general? Time is growing short
> > for many species and habitats, regardless of what
> > group you despise is allegedly driving SUVs to
> > Washington. At least that group isn't entirely
> > braindead.

Not sure who you refer to here, Boo. The new Sec. of Interior offers some
real promise, in that she is very inclined to look at local issues from a
local as well as global viewpoint, and get all inputs before acting. 

The Socialists who think big government solves all problems are the essence
of braindead in my book. At least so far, she doesn't seem to be one of

I, for one, am sick of dealing with minor Gestapo agents who have made a
career out of blocking any real progress on species protection. It took 20+
years to get a recovery plan in place for *Cyprinodon radiosus* because 7
different government operations were allowing their agents to make entire
careers out of formulating that plan. Nasty squabbling and jurisdictional
nit-picking had nothing whatsoever to do with the issues at hand. 20 years
of all those wasted salaries could have easily saved the fish 10 times over!

The fish, while all that went on, just became extinct (2nd time, BTW) in
their natural habitat. Clinton conservation at its finest! You won't hear a
word of complaint from Friends of the Earth, The Sierra Club or Greenpeace
about this, for it is done exactly the way they like -- all regulations and
mandatory stuff with no visible end result. They have a different agenda.

In parts of NV, the local ranchers are far ahead of USF&WL in their interest
in preserving their local native fish. In some others, you may get shot for
trying to inspect the habitat on public range land, should the rancher even
see you out there. They have been Sierra Clubbed to death, and are fed up.

There was a near armed rebellion over a maliciously misused Bull Trout
declaration, last year, finally forcing the resignation of the Forest
Service moron at fault.

Doing a little "hands-on" conservation work can be a real eye opener.
Redford ought to try it, for a change. [Guess it might get his Porche dusty,
though. :-(]


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