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Re: NFC: Auction items

Sounds great, can't wait for the auctions to start...Chris

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>Chris... I dont think there was a minimum bid so... bid what they are worth 
>to you and if someone thinks they are worth more they will bid more and if 
>you want them bid more and so on and so on..... Please note tho that when 
>the bidding does start I will bid at least $10.00 :O) Charles Anderton 
>Round Rock, Texas "Nobody cares in what direction you want the wagon to go 
>if you won't get out of it and help push." --Jonah Goldberg ----- Original 
>Message ----- From: "Chris Perry" To: Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 1:43 PM 
>Subject: Re: NFC: Auction items
> > How do I know how much to bid? Chris >
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