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Re: NFC: Walmart surprise

I wondered about that but he wasnt in their tank
Friday, showed up over the weekend.

I had a nice visit with the DEC folks of the area,
they wernt too upset, will have their endangered
species guy call me or email, I think I know him, not
sure, we had a nice visit talking about zebra mussels
and lake sturgeon as a possible predator for the young
ones. They said they had no problem in my getting a
permit for a breeding group after the talk so all in
all its been a postive thing. Meanwhile the subject is
munching frozen blood worms and adult brine and
looking much happier.
--- Joshua L Wiegert <jlw at pi_dune.net> wrote:
> Hey Jake
> More likely than not, the sunfish are native to the
> area the Koi are
> farmed from.  SOmehow, it got in to the koi pond,
> and was fished out with
> all the other fish.  This can hapen when theres a
> flood, or just by other
> means of migration.  For instance, with a shipment
> of a thousand feeders
> from a wholesaler (who isn't pulling the fish from
> the pond,  but from a
> tank), I've found Koi, fancy gldenfish, diferent
> minnows, tadpoles galore,
> and even a turtle. :)  These things happen.....
> Best profit I ever made selling that Koi for 19.99$
> -- considering we paid
> about 2 cents for him. :)
> end
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