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NFC: Re: Donated Killies

robert a rice wrote:
> if I get em we will make them avaliable to NFC folks ...we will keep some
> to set up breeding groups and the rest will be auctioned off to raise
> funds for the breeders club.

I do hope you will put me down to propagate some of them. [Pant, pant...]

I had a tiny baby fish in with the stuff I collected in Avon Park, last
June. Someone said, then, it looked to be a baby *chrysotus*. It grew up to
be a beautiful spangled *Fundulus chrysotus* with strong melanistic spots
scattered over the entire body. Right now, it is a spectaculer point of
interest in the 55G tank in my living room. It compares very well with the
(rather outstanding) Venezuelan *Ameca splendens* male I have in there, with
nearly as much side sparkles and the added visual grabber of the marbled
jet-black random spots. [They get great side light from the big front

It totally outshines the herd of bluefin killies, two species of wild Betta,
and two species of sunfish.

Without any standard of comparison, I have no idea if the fish is a male or
a female, but I'd sure like to get some mates to continue such a brilliant
tank specimen -- please?


PS. Robert. Any bodies you need buried or anything?

PPS. All that collecting chatter ended your drought, didn't it? Now you can
soon wade in mud while brushing dust off your hats in FL. ;-)

Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  wright at killi dot net


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