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Re: NFC: RE: Fw: Mystery Fish

I think I agree with Paul, it does look a lot like the freshwater drum 
(supposedly the only drum that resides in fresh water)of the Missouri and 
Mississippi River drainages...but it's about twice as large as that fish is 
supposed to grow.

The sickle-shaped pectoral fin is kind of unique - unless it's a damaged 
fin?  Also, the ventral fins are orange - I believe the freshwater drum's 
are normally more-or-less colorless (never seen one alive, though, just 

It's hard to tell from the photos whether the fish has a spiny dorsal fin.  
It looks like it might have...which would support the 'drum' theory.  The 
head and tail are both very drum-like...could this be a new species of 
freshwater drum?



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>I assume it has been ruled out as a drum?
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>If anyone knows what this fish is, I'd sure like to hear about it

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