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NFC: Fw: Adopt-A-Tank


Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy
Dear Mr. Rice,
It has been a pleasure to incorporate the Adopt-A-Tank program into our school.  The gifts from Marineland are of the highest quality and are making a difference in our achool activites.  Thanks to you and thanks to the Native Fish Conservancy and Marineland our children are able to observe and care for beautiful non-game fish that most children did not know existed.  The ability to and responsibility for caring for these small beautiful fish is a life-enriching experience for our students. 
We have locatd our community tank in the waiting area outside our principal's office.  This is where the discipline offenders wait for their audience  to find out their fate.  The calming affect the large tank has on these stressed children is amazing.  An unexpected bonus.  The fourth graders are enthusiastic about caring for our tanks.  So much so that I am rationing food in these first few weeks.
Thanks so very much to Marineland, Adopt-A-Tank and The Native Fish Conservancy.
Donna Sink