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NFC: Fw: those madenning madtoms


Robert Rice NFC  President
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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:18:22 EST
Subject: those madenning madtoms
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dear sir,
I keep and collect madtoms. So far, only the brindled, northern, and stonecat
ones, but am alwys searching for more. Last year, when the spring water
levels started to go down, it left many overflow pools that i found trapped
madtoms, who will faithfully stay at the nest site after it is too late and
they become trapped. They also seem to congregate as a breeding colony
[brindled ones]. I took the trapped madtoms home to my 55 to keep several and
attempt to establish them in the local ponds. I managed to put only about a
dozen in a deserted rock quarry and as many in an 800 gallon water garden of
koi. I will try to establish more this spring. Another good way to catch
madtoms and darters is to  dig a depression the length of a minnow trap, sit
it in so the mouth on both sides is paralell with the substrate, instead of
the normal way.
From observing brindle cats in my aquarium, plus reading articles about them,
i believe that they would thrive in a pond condition. could you please tell
me how to catch som tadpole madtoms for my tank? I cant seem to locate any. I
live in southern ohio. thanks, James