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Re: NFC: Garter Snakes

Not a problem Kristine, opinions are what makes fish
shows, dog shows and things go round.

I well understand conservation and protectionism, with
a masters in fisheries I have spent a lot of time with
conservation related work. I hope in retirement to do
some serious work with a couple of species on a
personal basis.

I have just had too much contact with venomous
critters where they caused troubles, including up
close and personal when a student/worker lost a leg
last spring to one. You have to see the results of a
tissue killing
bite to really appreciate it. I have quite a different
viewpoint. I had the experience of literally stepping
on a Philippine 'paddy cobra' some years ago, he just
tried to get away, they are endemic to the philippines
and feed on rats etc around the paddy dykes, they
extremely rarely bite anyone,we both just wanted to
get away on that encounter, but, there is another
species of cobra there close to the se asia king that
is very aggressive and does kill. Living with them is
one thing, being a supporter from afar is another.
--- Kristine Weisbrod Massin <kwmprairie at hotmail_com>
> sorry jake, hope you didn't get offended by my
> addition of the legal 
> issues...I have a tendency to throw out information
> like that under the 
> assumption that if one person states a given level
> of dislike about ANYTHING 
> there a at least a couple folks keeping mum who have
> much more extreme 
> opinions.  Just my experience, but then I work for
> the US Fish & Wildlife 
> Service so I'm used to getting hammered on.  (next
> time I volunteer to work 
> at the Sportsman's Show booth for three days,
> somebody just hit me over the 
> head with a 2X4 please!)
> -k

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