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NFC: Fw: YCC Update Number 30

Youth-Corporate Connections Update            Number 30       February

This Update includes information on programs and grant opportunities
offered by the Youth-Corporate Connections team of National 4-H Council. 
It also includes information from other organizations and agencies that
focus on youth and the four issue areas of the Youth-Corporate
Connections team: workforce preparation, environmental stewardship,
health, wellness, and safety and sustainable communities.


1. National 4-H Council's 4-H Community ATV Safety Workshops
2. New!  "Preparing Tomorrow's Youth to Inherit the World of Work"
Curriculum Matrix
3. Workforce Preparation Curriculum on Sale
4. National 4-H Council Lawn & Garden Safety Education Program
5. "2001 Biotechnology and the Future" Workforce Preparation Grant
6. International Youth in Action Awards ($1,000US)

* * * * * * * * * *

1. National 4-H Council's 4-H Community ATV Safety Workshops

National 4-H Council's 4-H Community ATV Safety Program is hosting a
series of regional workshops on ATV safety.  The purpose of the workshops
is to train interested youth-adult teams on ATV safety and youth
development and help participants develop plans to implement safety
programs at the local level.  Workshop time will be dedicated to
youth-adult partnership training, community development strategies, and
developing plans for local ATV safety programs.  In order to carry out
the plans developed at the workshops, teams selected to attend the
workshops will be eligible to apply for grants to implement local ATV
safety initiatives.

Three regional National 4-H Community ATV Safety Workshops will be held
this spring.  The ATV Safety Workshops will be held April 5-8 in
Mississippi State, MS; May 17-20 in Spokane, WA; and May 31-June 3 in
Ogden, UT.

Application materials are available online at www.atv-youth.org. 
Application must be received by 5:00pm EST on March 8, 2001 for the
Mississippi workshop, April 19, 2001 for the Washington workshop, and May
3, 2001 for the Utah workshop.  For further information, contact Shana
Mack at Smack at fourhcouncil_edu or (301)347-3801.

2. New!  "Preparing Tomorrow's Youth to Inherit the World of Work"
Curriculum Matrix 

National 4-H Council now has a new web-based resource tool and matrix of
Workforce Preparation information and curricula, featuring: background
information and links to resources on workforce preparation models, life
skills, SCANS competencies and foundation skills, and National Academic
Standards; a listing of state workforce preparation contacts within the
Extension System; a matrix of workforce preparation curricula designed to
provide quick and easy access to pertinent information about existing
curricula.  Visit our website at: www.fourhcouncil.edu/ycc/wfctrtop.htm.

We also invite you to send us curriculum you have developed or used that
we can add to the matrix.  Contact us at WORKPREP at fourhcouncil_edu or
(301)961-2906 with your suggestions, or write to us at: National 4-H
Council, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4999.

3. Workforce Preparation Curriculum on Sale

The following have been reduced and can be ordered at www.4-hmall.org.

+++++ Item WFP 029:  "Leading the Way - How to Build A Workforce
Preparation Effort in Your Community, " reference guide published by
National 4-H Council

Guides readers through the starting of a workforce preparation program in
their communities. Contains practical hands-on tools such as checklists,
sample agreements, sample applications, and more.

Regular price is $3.50 - NOW $1.00 EACH  

+++++ Item WFP 031:  "Rising to the Occasion" for grades K-12, published
by National 4-H Council

Teaches children and youth how to make bread and prepare for careers in
the food industry. This leader's guide integrates workplace competencies
with the art and science of bread making.

Regular price is $2.95 - NOW $1.00 EACH  

4. National 4-H Council Lawn & Garden Safety Education Program

National 4-H Council has developed the Lawn & Garden Safety Education
Program, an experiential learning guide with funding from the John Deere
The experiential guide was designed for adult and teen leaders to teach
youth ages 5-9 outdoor power equipment safety.  Children in kindergarten
through the fourth grade will learn to identify various outdoor power
equipment, dangers associated with improper usage and how to protect
themselves from unsafe situations.  The program package includes the
illustrated guide, with five fun-filled activities, stickers,
mini-posters and a lawn ranger program completion certificate.  To
receive a free "Lawn & Garden Safety Education Program" manual, please
send an e-mail to ycc-team at fourhcouncil_edu.

5. "2001 Biotechnology and the Future" Workforce Preparation Grant

"2001 Biotechnology and the Future" Workforce Preparation Grant - Funded
by Cargill, Inc.  This National 4-H Council Youth Grants Program is
designed to help young people understand the role that  biotechnology
plays in today's global economy and to explore career possibilities in
this emerging industry.  Action grants in the amount of $300 to $10,000
will be awarded to local youth groups, county Extension/4-H programs, and
statewide 4-H program initiatives that are located in local communities
where Cargill has a presence.  Grants to local groups and county-based
programs may range from $300 to $1,000.  To engage interest and action on
a statewide or multi-county level, grant requests may range from $3,500
to $10,000.  The application is available on website at
www.fourhcouncil.edu/ycc/grantinfo.htm.  Click on "Apply Now."  Proposals
are due on March 23, 2001.

Please note: National 4-H Council does not offer scholarships.  Youth
grants are awarded to organizations and community groups that apply and
are not available to individuals.

6. International Youth in Action Awards ($1,000US)

Youth In Action and the Global Youth Action Network are offering $1,000US
awards to young people (under 25) who have started a project anywhere in
the world that has positively impacted their community. UNESCO's
InfoYOUTH Network and Prodigy Internet have offered funds for these
awards, which aim to provide greater recognition for young people's
positive contributions.  To learn more or apply for an award, please go
www.youthlink.org/gyantakeaction.html Only youth-initiated projects that
are on-going or completed and have created a measurable and positive
result.  The deadline for submissions is March 21st.


Editor's Note: The next Youth-Corporate Connections Update will be
distributed in mid-March.  If you have information on publications or
programs that you would like to submit for this newsletter, please send
it by e-mail to Mary Dunphy at <mdunphy at fourhcouncil_edu>.  Mary can also
be reached by fax at (301)961-2894.

You can see previous issues of the Youth-Corporate Connections Update at

Check out the Youth Grants webpage at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/programs/grantinfo.htm.  These grants provide
opportunities for young people and adults to take action on issues
critical to their lives, their families, and their communities.  Youth
take the lead in the design of the project, the proposal writing process,
and the implementation and evaluation of funded projects.  We will
announce on this webpage when applications for grants are available.


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