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NFC: Our Vanishing Riparian Landscapes in the Southwest

" Late in the first millennium, Pueblo settlers began the process of 
clearing, modifying and polluting Southwestern rivers and streams and the 
riparian (or, bordering) woodlands, making way for a sedentary community life 
with villages, irrigated fields and commerce. Early in the third millennium, 
Euro-American settlers have very nearly finished the process, having 
profoundly altered an estimated 90 percent of the riparian landscape and 
having planned changes for much of the remaining 10 percent."

 <A HREF="http://www.desertusa.com/mag01/feb/stories/land.html">Our Vanishing 
Riparian Landscapes - DesertUSA</A> 

Above is link to the rest of the article and pictures.   Desert USA is a free 
monthly online magazine.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA