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Re: NFC: Re: RE: buyer for exotics (PS: road trip)

Hi Jim. So glad you asked.  The owner is Mark Binkley,
one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on
native fish, their habitats and how to collect,
maintain and breed them.  He has set up a mail order
business as he parted his regular employment over a
year ago. Mark is well aware of the damage that has
been done by exotics.  I also have quite a few
pictures of his fish room if you want to see a few
pics I can put them up on the web somewhere.

Mark caters to  a pretty sophisticated group of
aquarists but is quite adept at teaching novices about
the does and don'ts of exotics and the propensity some
have to grow to a very large size :-) If you send him
exotics they will be going to capable hands.


--- Jim Capelle <JCapelle at tampabay_rr.com> wrote:
> As one of the newer members of the Exotics Removal
> Team or sometimes known
> as the (wet and/or muddy) bucket brigade, I have a
> couple of questions and
> thought on giving or reselling removed exotics.
> Yesterday I saw the E-mail from someone with "jones"
> in the E-mail address
> wishing for any exotics for resale. 1. Is this
> person an owner of a shop or
> someone working sales on e-bay without thought of
> who or where the fish
> goes? If the person owns an shop, do they inform new
> hobbyist about the
> growth rate and potential size of fish fry? Will
> they take back most any
> fish they sell that out grows the owner? Do they
> educate customers about the
> fish they sell or just sell a great tank set-up and
> a bunch of fish to
> anyone?  

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