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NFC: Re: RE: buyer for exotics (PS: road trip)

As one of the newer members of the Exotics Removal Team or sometimes known
as the (wet and/or muddy) bucket brigade, I have a couple of questions and
thought on giving or reselling removed exotics.

Yesterday I saw the E-mail from someone with "jones" in the E-mail address
wishing for any exotics for resale. 1. Is this person an owner of a shop or
someone working sales on e-bay without thought of who or where the fish
goes? If the person owns an shop, do they inform new hobbyist about the
growth rate and potential size of fish fry? Will they take back most any
fish they sell that out grows the owner? Do they educate customers about the
fish they sell or just sell a great tank set-up and a bunch of fish to
anyone? When they have too many fish refuse to take any back and leave the
new owners to work it out on their own or release? What safe guards do we
have in place on these matters?

There is a shop in Tampa, (Fish World) who will not sell a Pacu fry as a
cute fish. They will show a 350+ gal tank that holds 4 Pacu (fully grown)
and a red tail cat fish (3+ feet) to show how big they will get. When they
sell an Oscar the shop personnel will show a full grown one or two that are
in the shop. They will take back most every fish they sell and some they
didn't. None of the big cichlids they have sold have come back due to the
shop policy of informing buyers as to the potential of size and feeding
needs. They even tell customers not flush dead fish down toilets, but to
take them to the backyard and dig a hole near a plant to get rid of any dead
fish. Now if you get fry he'll give the same deal as for any fish they take
in, 50 per cent of selling price.

Heck I could bring exotics to them and get gas money for the long trips we
take to do this task, not to forget the dry cleaning bill for my socks too.
And heck again the money could be pooled to by more nets after the gators
get hold of them. But if we do "give" them away I hope the receiver pays for
boxing, and shipping costs.

Just my thought today. JiM C.

PS: The wild Tilapia and Placos are starting to set up nests around my house
(in the retaining ponds of course) I think March is starting to look good
for rode trip again

(for me its only 100 yards out back).  JC

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> > ...remember guys sustainable commercially viable
> > exotic removal is the goal!!
> I'm sure you old-timers know what this sentence means but I would
> a translation. :)
> Chuck

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